Coronavirus and childcare

Een mandje per kind met persoonlijk spullenCurrent measures to combat the coronavirus will be extended


The Dutch Government has announced that all measures to combat the Coronavirus will be extended until Tuesday 28 April 2020 inclusive. In the week prior to April 28th, the government will assess what measures are necessary in the period after that date.

  • Childcare centres and therefore also Plukkebol will stay closed until April 28th, except for children whose parents work in essential jobs (emergency childcare).
  • If in a household one of the parents work in an essential job or in an essential organisation, the government asks parents to take care of the children themselves if possible. If this does not work, parents can make use of the emergency childcare.
  • Plukkebol offers emergency childcare at location Raamstraat 65 in Delft. This location is opened as of 07:30 am, also for out-of-school care. The other Plukkebol locations are closed.
  • Parents of children in out-of-school care who make use of the emergency childcare are asked to bring their children to Plukkebol. Even if the school provides childcare, the children will not be picked up from school by Plukkebol.
  • Parents who are temporarily unable to bring their children to daycare or out-of-school care, but who have paid their invoices, will receive their own contributions back. This also applies to parents who make use of the emergency childcare.
  • The Parents in Childcare Interests’ Association (BOinK) has formulated 10 frequently asked questions about the compensation scheme.
  • The Parents in Childcare Interests' Association (BOinK) has also formulated a newsitem in English on the compensation scheme


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